Sensual Hot Wax Candle

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This special low temperature candle is ideal for SM games with wax! The wax of this high-quality candle doesn't get as hot as that of ordinary candles, so it doesn't burn the skin easily. You can indulge yourself with your partner of the titillating sensation of wax on the skin.

The temperature of this candle is 48-50 degrees centigrade when burning, which will not burn the skin.
It can bring a hot sensation by dropping wax oil on the skin.
Keep your lover quiet and under control with this adult candle.
It smells well and exciting.
The temperature is controlled, which can enrich your sex life.

Material: Paraffin
Color: As Pictures Show
Length: 5cm
Diameter: 6.55cm
Type: Adult Candle
Package Weight: 140g
Function: Flirting, Teasing and Other Uses

How To Use:
1. Apply shampoo or skin oil on your lover's skin for peeling off the wax oil easily.
2. Light the candle, and drop the wax oil on your lover's skin.
3. Adjust the distance between the candle and the skin to control the temperature, close distance will bring higher temperature, lower temperature on the contrary.

Package Includes:
1 x Adult Candle