Fleshlight Pussy? What else?

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If you asked me, I would tell you that men are not given priority by manufacturers or any producers of consumer products of any kind. Shoes, limited choice. Clothes, trousers and shirts, again limited choice. Shoes, once again, limited choice.

See where I am going with this? The situation is not any different when it comes to sex toys. Pussy, ass. That’s it! But would you blame the producers? Men do not really know how to express what they want. Ask a man how his day was, answer Okay. What do you want to eat? Anything.

See, the process starts from the way men are wired up. There really isn’t much they give out which translates to very limited choice. My beloved male clients, 69 Vibrations Kenya has done all it can to bring a variety of toys. Unfortunately, ladies get the better deal. The shape, design, color, texture of male toys is very limited.

What do men need? A masturbation pussy right, only difference is the packaging, it is either the fleshlight(which is the best selling male toy worldwide) or a blow-up doll or the tenga masturbation cup.

So this is a request, if you have a toy that you have found online and you fancy, send us a pic. We will make arrangements to place an order for you. 69 Vibrations Kenya is here for you. Ps- the penis extenders will be here very soon. Two weeks or less. We all want you with dicks big enough right.

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