He watched me

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Courtesy of poetry by Annah

He asked me to tell him how good it was....

It only turned him on

Strengthening him to destroy me -"

I uncapped the bottle

Squashing a little on the tip

And rubbed it down the shaft with my hands

A little on my palm for myself Cold,

it left a shiver down my spine

And in coco went

Turning lt on to medium speed

It tickled ever spot with maximum attention

Adjusting to the left

Then a little to the right

Pulling it out And onto my lips

Round in circles

Then deep inside

I almost went insane

Orgasm after orgasm

Juices on my bed

I froze for a minute

I call it my minute in heaven

My body shook uncontrollably

I moaned in intense pleasure

Driven over the edge

Yet coco still vibrated Fuck!

Trust me

Making love to yourself

Tastes like sexual performance

As a sacrifice to Aphrodite

It gives satisfaction

None shall ever offer-"

He pushed me against the wall.

The rest is mine to keep

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