Losing my virginity

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12 months ago, okay not that long, probably six seven months ago, if Mr had brought up anal sex, I would have killed him with my eyes, said a couple too many French words then not talked to him for a few days. That is how much I abhorred the idea of anal sex.

Fast track to today, there is a total about turn. First, I lost my virginity in that area. Lol maybe I should celebrate that considering I didn’t imagine there is something of a sexual nature I hadn’t tried yet. And the experience you may ask? Lemme try and explain.

If you are a lady, and can remember your first vaginal experience, well, something close to that. For guys, hmmmm, how to explain. See when you are itching, it is painful but the more you scratch, the better the feeling to an extent you want to continue scratching,. That is the closest I can come to explaining it. The thing with anal is that, that hole is not created to be opened for too long. Oh and its muscles are extremely strong making the hoe very tight.

I chose to try it while on holiday. Well, it will always remain a memorable holiday for me. First, loads of lube. My friend, that lube you think is a lot is probably not enough. You need loads of lube. Get your sexy on and have sex first. It helps when you are relaxed. Totally relaxed and not anxious at all. The sex before for some wird reason helps to make gate B relax. For the first time, you will experience equal amounts of plain and pleasure.

You will want to stop because the pain is too much but the moment you stop, you will want him to continue. Nothing feels as good. I am even tempted to say the pleasure I felt was more than the P. Understandably so because the gate B has more nerve endings than the P.

A few pointers. Do not thrust as strongly as you would with the P. Be gentle. Very gentle. It may also help if you use anal beads before so that the muscles are at least somewhat stretched out before you start. 

Now that I tried it, I would recommend it to anyone. Never mind that seven months ago I would have cussed at the menton of it. But do not get tempted to do it too often for obvious reasons.

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